Buying a vehicle

The market

Road traffic regulations are becoming more and more restrictive. Any car enthusiast will tell you that driving a modern car on our roads today is much less fun than in the past. Dense traffic, speed limits monitored by an ever-growing number of speed cameras force us to conform to a standardised way of driving. A vintage car radiates undeniable charm and offers sensations that, in modern vehicles, have been sacrificed in favour of increased comfort and an array of safety features.

The history...

In an era where we are all interested in our history, perhaps it’s nostalgia that makes us want to drive vintage cars. You might want to buy the saloon car that the family piled into every summer, with Dad at the wheel, to head towards the south on vacation. You might be drawn to the coupé that the neighbour took to the seaside every weekend, or perhaps to the convertible belonging to a great uncle, who proudly took it out for every family celebration, always accompanied by a pretty lady, while both the car and the lady had you drooling…

The financial aspect

Buying a vintage car not only represents a safe investment, it also has the added advantage of being able to enjoy it at the same time! Many financial advisors recommend this type of purchase, particularly as it is not included in any calculations on income tax. Many people who have suffered disappointments on the stock exchange appreciate the fact that they can admire and drive their “four-wheeled investment”, whilst watching its value steadily increase over the years.

Current trends

All these positive aspects mean that the vintage car is increasingly fashionable. To drive one of these cars is very chic, as well as being fun and giving a hedonistic buzz. The number of shows, exhibitions and other events related to vintage cars is multiplying fast. As are the number of professionals in this field. People can see that there has been an improvement in the quality of restoration work done to such cars, which has also contributed to a steady and significant rise in their popularity.